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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Stop worrying about no job, this an opportunity, even which you need no Capital.

I want to tell you that writing Articles can fetch you Money without stress.
A "life elevating" Report for sale.
For 7 years of experience into the world of writing Articles and over 3 years into the world of making Money online, i wrote a Report for sale online titled:

"Article writing Cash manual"

I am a seasoned writer to
1. World Bank, BBC Have your say
2. Even contributed to BBC live Programmes
3. Newspapers
4. Magazines.

In my 7 years of curiousity about Article writing and making money from it i never really cared
about it until i started to and began to see the reality and got a Job from it.

In this Report, it discusses various things in which the following are among:
-Over 10 list of potential sites for writing Jobs.
-How to get Jobs for writing.
-How to source for Article writing information.
-How to write Articles.
-How to write SEO Articles.
-sites you can get Sample Articles from.
-How to create compelling cover Letters Resumes and Samples that willget you a Job.
-How to submit finished writing jobs...
-............and lots more.

Never miss this opportunity, because you might not be able to get it elsewhere as you are being given now. The Report commands great worth, but i chose to sell it cheaper.

To order for the eBook, deposit N1500 to

GT Bank
Account name: Oladunjoye I. Oludamilola
Account number:3713638631590

So when deposited send an email on the following details below with the subject line "Article" to

-Name in full
-Deposit slip details
-Phone number
-email address (preferably yahoo)
-Amount deposited.

When received, you will get the Report attached to a mail sent to you within 72hours.

*Never let just N1500 make you lose this big opportunity. Am soory to tell you that its good you order as soon as you can because i could increase the amount at anytime.*

By Gods grace, we shall all make it big!
Thanks you and God Bless.

Ibukunolu. (08034996732)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Need an Autoresponder?...Read this amazing write-up.

Autoresponders are those canned messages that you receive when you email someone. They are commonly used to automatically reply to people who email you that you have received their message and will get back to them in person. Some people use autoresponders for vacation notices, telling their correspondents that they are currently on holiday and will not be responding to the email anytime soon.

Autoresponders are useful to webmasters in a few ways:

1). They can be used at your technical support email address to tell your users that you have received their message and will get back to them soon. Such messages are important because it reassures your customers that their support request has arrived at its destination and will be attended to when you are available.

2). It can be used to send prospective customers information like the price list of your products, your FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other fixed information. People emailing that address will automatically get that message in reply.

3). It can be used to send email course modules. For example, if you have a three week course, with course information or documents to be sent to your students once a week, you can simply request your students to send their addresses to your autoresponder. The autoresponder will then reply to your students with the course package at the scheduled times.

4). A variation of the above is used by some webmasters to sell their courses. They advertise a particular address by which customers can receive a free sample of their courses (or book). The autoresponder then sends (say) 3 chapters from the course or book to the customers over three successive days. On the fourth day, the message asks the customer to sign up for the rest of the paid course or book if they wish to continue. Since the customer has sampled three segments (or chapters) of the course or book, he/she is able to decide whether or not to continue. If the course or book was particularly good, the autoresponder segments can be an effective sales gimmick to draw the customer to buy that product

Where to get Autoresponders:

SendFree provides statistics on the performance of your autoresponders and advertisements. You also get to place free targeted advertisements on other people's autoresponders. For example, for every two advertisements published in your autoresponder, one of your advertisements is published in someone else's autoresponder.

FreeAutoBot sends an unlimited series of follow-up messages in an interval you decide. You can personalise the message to include the recipient's name and email address. Unlike most free autoresponders, no advertisements are inserted into your message (at the time I checked them out).

GetResponse gives you an unlimited number of follow-up email messages of any length. You may attach files to those messages, view the list of email addresses that requested the autoresponders, view statistics on your autoresponders and configure the autoresponders so that replies will be sent to you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


1. EYES SCRATCHING; Mix white Onion with Honey and drop it into your eyes.

2. STOMACH PAIN; The person that has stomach pain, mix ground bitter leaf with Pure honey use two table spoon after meal.

3. WOUND; Grind Bitter leaf with Pure Honey rub it.

4. CHILDREN TOOTH-ACHE; Mix lime juice, with honey , give him one spoon 3 times daily.

5. TUBERCULOSIS; Grind ginger atale,salt, Garlic and Bitter- Kola use them with Pure Honey use table spoon 3 times daily.

6. SLEEPLESSNESS; Drink honey every night.

7. MENSTRATION PROBLEM; Use 4 tablespoon of honey of honey 4 times daily.

8. RHEUMATISM; Grind Bitter leaves with Pure Honey use to rub it and take 2 tablespoon 3 times daily.

9. WEEK LOW OR BOIL; Grind Bean, mutter, with Pure Honey use it to rub the place.

10. ULCER; Use 3 spoons of honey early in the morning 1 hour before breakfast.

11. SEMEN BOOT (Fun ato kiki); Mix one egg with 5 Tablespoons of Honey . use it immediately.

12. ASTHMA; Mix snail water (Omi Igbin) with Honey .Usage . ADULT 3 Tablespoons 3 times . Children 1 Tablespoon 3 Times.

13. PILE; Grind Saint Leave (Efirin) Lemon juice mix it with Pure Honey . 2 Tablespoons 3 Times daily.

14. EARACHE; Get warm Water with Small Salt and mix with Pure Honey . Usage. Put a drop inside it.

15. MOUTHACHE; Mix lime juice, Salt with Pure Honey use it to wash your month 3 times daily.

16. MEASLES; Grind Bitter leave with Pure Honey use it to Rub the body and take 2 tablespoons full 3 times daily.

17. STOMACH PAIN AFTER DELIVERY; Use 2 spoons Honey 3 times daily.

18. BED-WETTING; 2 teaspoon of Pure Honey every night.19. COUGH; Mix Honey grinded bitter kola (OROGBO ) use one spoon 3 times daily

20. Always use honey to drink pap (OGI ) or TEA.

21. RED EYES ; Use pure Honey 2 times a day.

22. RUNNING STOMACH; Ground Cucuribitaasess ( EWE EJIRIN) together with Honey and use 3 times daily.

23. DIABETES; Water from Bitter leaf mix together with Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.

24. STROKE; Mix your urine with Pure Honey and take 3 spoon morning and Night.

25. HYPERTENSION; Ground Garlic with Pure Honey and take this 3 spoon Morning and Night.

26. MANPOWER; Use Unripe plantain, boil one with Pure Honey.

27. BLOOD MEDICINE; Ground Bitter-leaf and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

28. RUNNING STOMACH; Mix salt together with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

29. SKIN SMOOTHEN; Mix Pure Honey together with coconut oil and rub it on your body.

30. FOR SHAVING; Mix Poplitionaces (ETU ) with Pure Honey and rub it after shaving.

31. SKIN DISEASE; Ground graminces (eru awonka) and Sulphur (IMU OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it on the affected parts of the body.

32. WORM; Mix salt and lime juice with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

33. IRREGULAR-MENSTRATIONS; Grand GARLIC and mix it with lime juices and Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.

34. TYPHOID FEVER; Grand Garlic mix it with egg and Pure Honey and use 4 spoons 3 times daily.

35. FIRE BURNS; Use Pure Honey to rub the affected part.

36. CHILDRENS RASHES; Ground Gramicees (ERU AWOKA) Poplitionazees (ETU) Sulphur (Immi OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it to affected part of the body.

37. BLOOD; Mix Lime juice and Fresh egg and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

38. BODY HEAT ; Get liquid from Bitter leaf and mix it with Salt and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

39. STOMACH-PAIN; Use Salt and Saint –leaf (EWE EFIRIN) together with Pure Honey and use it 3spoon 3 times daily.

40. GONORRHEA; Lemon juice mix with small mutters and Pure Honey and use 3spoon 3 times daily.

41. DIABETES; Use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea.

42. Starting from 40 years, use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea and it is for good health.

43. To reduce fatness ; Use Corn –leaf as a tea with Pure Honey .

44. FOR OLD AGE; Use Pure Honey to drink.

45. FOR FAMILY HEALTH ; Use Pure Honey with Oda Herbal Tea. It will give you strength and energy.

46. HYPERTENSION; Use Pure Honey together with Oda Herbal Tea.

47. WEIGHT REDUCTION ; Take Pure Honey mix together with boil Corn –leaf and drink.

48. HEADACHE; Lime juice with Pure Honey and take 3 times daily.

*culled from Shine from yahoo*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

NIGERIANS, New way to do without NEPA(PHCN)

This is just a perfect way to do away with NEPA(PHCN)

Its unfortunate, NEPA is not giving us constant Electricity supply as its supposed to be. This might be due to several reasons we might not bother about due to the fact that we can now boldly say that we can do without them and now have constant Electrcity supply.

YES! the trick now is this:
The use of an INVERTER.

This is a technology Nigerians are now adopting, so dont be left out before it turns out to be that everybody in your neigbourhood has it and you are now left out.
An Inverter is a device that converts a Direct current (DC) to Alternating (AC)PHCN Current, in that case it needs to be accompained with a dc source, which could be a Battery and a Charger that will charge the Battery.
All this is relatively cheap compared to the regular expenditure on Generator Fuel maintainance and the maintainance to the Genarator its self.

The Inverter could also be combined with a Wind mill or Solar energy source. When this is applied, you could totally do away with PHCN. Am telling you!!!

*Constantly view this Blog and Watch out for a full report on the Inverter, the Cost and how you can go about it from this Blog.*

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website online. Take this 9 exceptional ways and you wont regret doing so:

1)Create a profile for your business on facebook.

2)Add people daily to become your friends,
the more friends you socialise with determines the number of people your will be able to share your profile with. As more people see the link on your profile will generate more traffic to your blog or website that will eventually turn to sales. presently, the maximum friends list in facebook is 5,000.

3)Start or join a group on your business.
you may also join a group that is relevant to your business and be active in discussions

4)Create a facebook page.
A facebook page is also indexed by search engines and its also available to people that are not on facebook. That is one powerful tool on facebook to generate Traffic.

5)Event promotion
you can promote an event on facebook and invite all your friends on facebook.

6)Promote your blog or website in the bulletin board.
you can make an interesting post on the board that will attract readers and will want to continue the reading on your website or your blog.

7)Adverts on facebook.
The adverts allows you to advertise your blog or website on facebook.

8)Use the facebook marketplace.
take advantage of the market place to sell your products.

9)Develop a facebook application.
the facebook can help you to attract more potential customers to your websites.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


U wanna know! Don't give it a Slack!
U gonna make a difference in your generation!
My full Caption on making Money with ease,
Okay, anyway follow this steps and start making money:

1.) You need to own a Website or Blog but at first you need to decide on what the Blog should be all about. Something very catchy, information people usually need like Information on Money, information on Dating,information on Entertainment...........

2.)You need to own a Website or a blog. If its a blog its free to own.

3.)Now you need to start making Money. You need to advertise on your or Website or Blog or you need to make an affliation.
The whole idea about advertising on your Blog is that there are some companies or individuals that wants to advertise their services to the public. They can use your Blog or Website to advertise. Googles could go about this through Google AdSense. You just need to apply to Google AdSense free, then they start to advertise on you site.

To every Click or view on the advert your Visitors make on your site Google pays you.Google pays you your Money through the following means:
-Payment by Check
-Payment by Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT)
-Payment by Western Union Quick Cash
-Payment by Rapida
It all depends on the payment type you want.

As regards Affliation allows a site or Blog to earn money by promoting other website. Specifically, every time an affiliated site sends someone to the website and that person registers for free, the affiliated site makes money.
There other ways you could make money on your Websites or Blog. All you need is to search the websites for this

*You can get a blog from or search the Googles for free Blogs.*

Monday, July 20, 2009


After building a website or blog and you are willing to make money through it, having advertisement on the site and other money making strategyalready ,

follow these steps:

1. MAILING LIST. Register your self to mailing list. Find milist relevant with your website. Create some articles and send to this mailing list. Create response in discussion and do not forget to write your website address in your response email.

2. FREEADS WEBSITE. Some websites specialize give free ads for any website. You can use it to improve your web traffic and get the customer. Register and submit text line ads or another kind of your ads.

3. EZINE ARTICLES. Today, EzineArticles is very useful to promote your website and get customer to create transaction and make money. There are some ezine articles website and usually free submit. Write article relevant with your website and submit to this website after your account there.

4. EMAIL. Email is very important in your internet marketing. You can use it to promote your email. But keep do not spamming. You email will block if you do spamming and your website get bad image. Send promotion email to selected email and create opt-in email or email database.

5. SEARCH ENGINE. This is very popular in internet. Search engine has facility to free submit any website whatever your website. But, this is not guarantee to list your website. However, keep submit your website to various search engine in free side. There are some search engines on internet. Find as much as possible you can and submit it to there.

6. TRAFFIC OPTIMIZER. Traffic optimizer look like affiliate weapon in internet marketing. However, you must buy software to do this. To take opportunity makes traffic higher with find shareware traffic optimizer and use it until final time of trial time to get optimizes your web traffic.

7. BANNER EXCHANGE. Create one, two or three banner to exchange with various website. Ask them to exchange and give your banner. This is free advertising to you.

8. MINIADS/LINEADS. Some website give miniAds or line advs facility. This is free to sale your products and website. Usually this is for local website. If your country use English language, lineads website very useful to get more traffic and get your customer.